Basic Services

Repairing all water leaks in and out of home

Finding the source of the leak and correcting it.

Installing anti-scald tub and shower faucets

Delays hot water to minimize risk of injury.

Installing new toilets, sinks, faucets and fixtures of all kinds

Fixtures can be provided by us, or you can pick one yourself. See our products tab for referrals.

Installing icemaker lines

Installing a water line to a refrigerator to supply the icemaker.

Perform video inspection of sewer lines

Visually probe sewer lines internally to check for breaks, collapses, or other issues. 

Correcting all plumbing violations

Making sure all plumbing is up to code.

Complete home plumbing inspections

Free estimates available.

Garbage disposers installed

Installing new garbage disposals in the home or commercially.

Water filtration units serviced and installed

Ensuring clean, drinkable water for your satisfaction.

Instant hot water dispensers installed

Ensure proper installation and functionality of instant hot water in your sink. 

Backflow prevention valve testing and repair

Prevent contaminants from infiltrating your water supply.

Advanced Services

Rootering and snaking of drains and sewers

Unclogging backups in drains

Lateral sewer repair

From start to finish, we will camera, excavate, repair, and re-concrete flooring. We work with St. Louis county sewer repair on lateral sewer projects.

Sump pumps installed and serviced

Prevents risk of basement flooding.

Underground water and sewer piping installed and repaired

Breaking ground and installing necessary plumbing infrastructure for any need.

High pressure hydrojetting of sewer lines and/or area drains

Alternative method of fixing backups in pipes.